Below are some useful articles and links that we felt might be helpful to you if you are buying, selling or maintaining your home.

download .DOC: Family Equity Plan

download .PDF: Top 28 Grants and Rebates March 2012

download .PDF: Condo Alert

download .PDF: Depreciation Reports 2012

download .PDF: Is Vancouver the most livable or least affordable place on earth?

download .PDF: Dream Home Checklist

download .PDF: Condominium Buyers Guide

download .PDF: Reserve study a key planning tool

download .PDF: New Regulations require strata to think long term

download .PDF: Home Buying-Step by Step

download .PDF: Preparing your home to sell

download .PDF: Selling your home

download .PDF: What is Taxable under the HST?
download .PDF: Moisture and Air-Problems and Remedies

download .PDF: Home Maintenance Schedule

download .PDF: Water Saving Tips

download .PDF: Healthy Housing-Practical Tips for your Home

download .PDF: Painting Walls, Ceilings, Floors

download .PDF: Live Smart Home Incentives

download .PDF: First Time Home Buyers

Link: 10 steps to Buying your Home

Link: Financing your Home

Link: Cost saving programs for home/property buyers and owners

Link: Walkability Score for Any Address

Link: Home Owner Grant

Link: Property Assessments

Link: Costs of Buying

Link: Moving Tips

Link: Vancouver School Board Interactive Map